ChallengeAid, formerly known as Schoolchildren for Children, is a registered charity, established in 2005 to help disadvantaged children who live in appalling conditions in the developing world. Since inception, we have worked with 1,300 UK schools and 220,000 pupils to raise more than £200,000 for a range of important projects in the developing world. Through various fundraising events, centralised around exercise Challenge Aid promotes fitness in UK schools, whilst encouraging pupils to help children less fortunate than themselves overseas.

What are 'Schools of Hope'?
What are 'Schools of Hope'?
Our Schools of Hope operate after school hours, giving children educational support by providing desks, chairs ...
How do I get involved?
How do I get involved?
If you are a school, a University, a Corporate or an individual hoping to undertake an Open Challenge
Donations - Start fundraising today
Donations - Start fundraising today
You can make a real difference by supporting the work of Schoolchildren for Children. We want to make supporting our work tax-effective, cost-effective, and convenient.
Pamoja Trust – Mathare & Muthaiga
Nawalparasi District
Tanzania, Kilimanjaro – Machame Trail Trek
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"By engaging in challenges to raise money and fund the 'Schools of Hope' in the most deprived areas of Africa, ...

George North, Welsh International Rugby Player

The principles of the Schoolchildren for Children programme can only help in working towards achieving the targets set out in ...

Alun Pugh AM, Minister for Culture, Welsh Language and Sport

I am happy to support the Schoolchildren for Children programme. It may provide the encouragement and inspiration sometimes needed for ...

Brian Gibbons AM/AC, Minister for Health and Social Services
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