What are “Schools of Hope”?

Tumaini Kiambiu

Our “Schools of Hope” operate after school hours, giving children educational support by providing desks, chairs, lighting and most importantly a good supply of up-to-date text books with responsible supervision in a safe and conducive learning environment.

It gives aspirational young people the opportunity to succeed and escape a lifetime of poverty by improving their job prospects and helps to increase self esteem through drama, music and sport at weekends, and enlightens them on life skills and health issues including the negative impact of alcohol, drugs and unprotected sex.

We believe that this is the only charitable programme of its kind in Africa. It has been hugely successful and we want to develop it as far as we possibly can.

But we need your support to help us do so.


Tumaini Gituamba

Tumaini Gituamba

We have now opened thirty-eight “Schools of Hope” (SoH) with two plus in the process of being established and our mission is to open another ten in Nairobi’s slum settlements of Mathare, the Aberdares, Mombasa and four have recently opened in Arusha in Tanzania.