What Needs to Happen Now

  1. Register your school by filling in the Registration Form online. Alternatively, you can download the form from the website and post or email it back to us.
  2. You will need to indicate on the Registration Form if you intend holding an event in the spring, summer or winter terms – or if you prefer to organise smaller events at other times in the school calendar. You can do both, if you and your pupils wish.
  3. Once you have registered you will be able to download the Sponsor Form from our website for distribution to your pupils.
  4. The school will need to collect the money raised – returning 50% of the money to ChallengeAid.
  5. We would appreciate, in time, news of the use put to the 50% of the funds retained by the school. We will advise you of the use put to the funds raised for schools in developing countries.
  6. You will join the “Roll of Honour” of supporting schools, universities, groups and individuals on our website.