Hot off the Press – George North Q&A with John Inverdale

September 27th, 2013

george-north-3647890George North, Wales PANews+BT_N0290131374149113776A_I1

and British

& Irish Lions 

In a Q&A with

John Inverdale, BBC


Brasserie Blanc, St. Paul’s, London EC4M 9BP


Thursday 24th October

Cost £85 per ticket

Cocktail Reception starts at 12.15

Sit down at 13.15

Tables of any size from 2 up

Four course lunch

For more details contact either:

Hugh McHardy at

Tel:  07812 – 352856


ChallengeAid –

Tel:  0845 450 5889


Building “Schools of Hope” in the slums of Africa to give aspirational young people the opportunity to escape from the treadmill of poverty.

ChallengeAid Registered Charity No. 1109055