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July 18th, 2013

Iestyn Thomas, John Warlow, Ryan Evans and Matthew Lewis are on their journey to Nairobi.  After a day looking round a few of our “Schools of Hope” the group will have a 7 hour journey to Springlands Hotel for an overnight stay.  The following day they will cross the border into Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the summit being 5,895m.

This ‘blog’, will hopefully give a day by day commentary of all that happens on the ascent and descent of Mount Kilimanjaro by the team.

Thursday 18th July:

At Heathrow Airport this afternoon before the 20.00 hours flight to Nairobi.  From left to right: John Warlow, Iestyn Thomas, Ryan Evans, Matthew Lewis

Kili here we come

Kili here we come

Preparations going well!!

Preparations going well !!








Friday 19th July:

After a good flight, the Kili team took a taxi to the Braeburn to deposit their luggage and freshen up.  They are now about to visit the slums and see a ‘School of Hope’ with Nancy.


With Nancy before visiting the slums


Standing in front of St Jerome, one of our ‘Schools of Hope’










The team took a 7 hour bus ride to the Springlands Hotel, Moshi which is near the Tanzanian border.

Riverside Bus

Iestyn on the bus to Moshi

At the Tanzanian border after buying Visas.

At the Tanzanian border after buying Visas.








A picture of Iestyn with Kilimanjaro in the background




Climbing Orientation







The photo below is of the team at Marangu Gate at 08.20hrs, on their way to Rongai Gate for the start of the ascent later today.

Marangu Gate

Marangu Gate









Day One – the start of the trek (11.36 hrs)

Day One

Day One


The team are now above the cloud line with Kili in sight









Day Two – the camp site (Kikelewa Cave) for the night has been reached.

kili 13

Day Two



Kili is now in sight!










The team have finally made it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and deemed it a huge success.


Finally at the summit











Back to Marangu Gate –


Iestyn, Ryan, John & Matthew
back to earth!