“Sponsor a Child” Programme

ChallengeAid helps to fund St. Prisca’s, a school for sixty boys and girls situated in Korogocho, one of the worst informal slum settlements in Nairobi.  These children are between the ages of three to seven years of age and we are seeking your support and sponsorship for these children to pay for uniforms, two meals a day and medical treatment whenever they are sick.

 These children are either orphaned or have been made vulnerable through HIV/Aids so many do not live to see their 5th  birthday.  As a consequence we budget for four hospital visits each year as their immunity systems are very low and ordinary coughs and colds can turn very easily into more serious ailments.
We have created a “Sponsor a Child” scheme to try and help some of these children and their families
We currently sponsor a few of these children at St Prisca’s but are now looking to sponsor all sixty to give them a better start and to make a real impact in their lives.

In return you will receive a progress report and create an unique connection seeing that child’s life change, through letters and photographs.

ChallengeAid will provide a package for £180 p.a. whereby the following guarantees and commitments are:-You can sponsor a child for less than 50p a day.

    • Your child will be provided with a school uniform, paid school fees, and all necessary school equipment as well as two meals per day.
    • Whenever necessary a food subsidy will be made available to your child if there are any health concerns.
    • Medical attention will be provided not only to your child but also to the immediate family. (Please be mindful infant mortality is high in the slums).
    • You can choose whether to sponsor a girl or a boy.
    • You can choose the age range of the child who you sponsor.
    • Your child will have an attached social worker who will oversee your child’s progress and provide extra support.
    • The sponsorship need not be an anonymous donation.
    • The sponsor will receive a pen portrait of the child and his/her immediate family along with a progress report approximately every four months.
    • You will see their life changing, through letters and photographs that you receive.
    • A potential sponsor should not be looking at this as only a one-year investment.
    • The sponsorship can be paid monthly or annually.


If you wish to sponsor a child you can contact us at the office or email :-

info@challengeaid.org or hazel@challengeaid.org  for an application form.

We can then make appropriate arrangements to suit you by either:- Cheque / Online  – through JustGiving / BACS payment / Standing Order