Suggested Activities

Any kind of physical activity or exercise is acceptable.

In many ways doing the exercise as a walk/jog/run around a measured course is easiest but a number of schools have come up with a number of other innovative ideas to motivate their pupils even more.

Cycling, skipping, aerobics, hoola-hooping, dance-a-thons, hopping, frisbee or swimming activities.

In pairs, doing a three-legged mile.
Groups of three, doing a five-legged mile.

Teams playing against each other in sporting festivals with a variety of different sports and games.

One popular idea is to combine the whole school (or part of the school) into teams of 10 (or any other number that better suits) who undertake to run a marathon of 26 miles.

The distance needs to be recorded by someone around a measurable distance, such as a 400m track.

Ideally there ought to be an equal distribution of boys and girls and year groups and even staff!

The total distance covered by the team counts towards the 26 miles.
Some could be walking whilst others are running and some will probably run further than others but there must be at least one member of the team running at any one time.

In theory all ten could run at the same time averaging 2.6 miles each and taking much less than 30 minutes to complete the 26 miles.