Schoolchildren for Children launches 2006 campaign to all UK schools – 8th May 2006

May 8th, 2006

Childrens sport charity Schoolchildren for Children is this week launching its second campaign to all UK schools with the support of double Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes.

In the midst of growing concerns over child obesity, Schoolchildren for Children will encourage children to fundraise while participating in organised sports activities in their school. Contributing schools will keep fifty per cent of money raised for their own sports programmes. The remaining fifty per cent will be donated to needy children in countries across the globe.

Schoolchildren for Children was launched last year to schools across the UK after a successful pilot project in Wales in 2004. On 30 September 2005, 213 schools, with 60,000 pupils, registered to take part. Children raised a pound each by walking or running the equivalent of a mile. £40,000 was raised for schools in South-East Asia and Africa, with a similar sum being retained by participating schools for extra curricular sports activities.

“We were very pleased with the results of last years campaign,” comments Iestyn Thomas, Schoolchildren for Childrens founder and administrator. “This year, we are aiming to raise more money and involve more schools. We would like children to be exercising regularly, keeping themselves fit and healthy, while at the same time helping those less fortunate than themselves.”

Among the recipients of last years funds is Jae Lee School in the tsunami-damaged Ko Lanta region of south-west Thailand. Schoolchildren for Children, in association with the Pattaya Orphanage Trust, is helping to set up a lunch farm growing fruit and vegetables and keeping livestock, ensuring that every child receives at least one substantial meal per day. Schoolchildren for Children is also supporting schools in Nairobis Kibera slums and in Nepal.

Schoolchildren for Children supports the government’s Healthy Schools Programme, which aims to support children and young people in developing healthy behaviours.