So, who’s going to tell them?

The following is an excerpt from CEO Iestyn Thomas after he visited one of the poorest slums in Nairobi.

“This is a silly picture taken on a whim as I left one of the poorest villages in one of the poorest slums in Nairobi.
The moment seemed to make them happy and their smiles grew bigger as it was a moment of fun that seemed to brighten up their day.
But these are not just ordinary children, or rather the day to day conditions that they exist in are not normal or should not be considered normal.
All they know is what their lives are like now, and not what they could and should be.
They are full of fun and smiles and optimism, not really understanding what awaits them.
They do not realise that many will die before their teens from diseases that were overcome here long ago.
They have no idea that in our country most children have enough to eat – probably too much in many cases.
These children do not have electricity and clean running water nor are able to go to a toilet in the comfort of their own homes which are just single room shacks of mud and corrugated iron.

They do not have the luxury of sanitation & sewage systems, police or fire services nor can access doctors & hospitals when sick.
And then there’s education, the key to the door to escape a lifetime of poverty, which should be free, but in reality, is not.

So, who is going to tell them? Or shall we just keep it quiet, do nothing and let a few years roll by before they realise it for themselves?

If you are unable to tell them yourself, but feel that you want to do something about this, then please support ChallengeAid and the School of Hope programmes that we operate in these slums.”

Iestyn Thomas, CEO