Changing Lives for the Good Life!

December 4th, 2017

Selina was born in 2000 in Kenya. When she was 4 years old her father passed away and was left with her mum alone to fend for her. After the death of the father, her mother moved to Mombasa to look for work taking Selina with her. Unfortunately, two years later, the mother died leaving her an orphan at the tender age of six. Selina was left alone with no one to take care of her.
A neighbour rescued her and took her to an orphanage. The orphanage only offered food and education sponsorship. A distant relative then took her in for somewhere she could sleep. For five years that was her life until she was again brought back to Mombasa in 2012.
After some family wrangles, Selina was forced to move again to her paternal uncle’s place where she lives at the moment. She was first placed in a Junior Academy but because of financial constraints, she was forced again to move to a cheaper school. She was later moved to Free Primary School, which is a less aspirational Government school.
Having achieved 240 marks in her KCPE, the guardians were not able to pay for her secondary school education. Women and Girls Empowerment (WAGE) which runs the School of Hope in Bamburi Mombasa decided to fundraise for her because she was a frequent user of the study center and had the passion and determination to study.
WAGE tried to raise some funds to put Selina into a Secondary school for her first term in 2017 but they were not sure they could afford to pay for the second term; The little money raised could only partly pay for her first term bill.
ChallengeAid Africa came to Selina’s rescue in April 2017 offering her a scholarship and funding. This has changed Selina and her behaviour. She is no longer the quiet, lonely girl she was, always in deep thought, she is now bubbly and happy and has even added some weight!
She is at the School of Hope every day, always seeking emerging opportunities.
When schools closed in November, Selina enrolled for a First Aid course run by St Johns. Selina sat for her exam after the two weeks training and now has a certificate in First Aid. For Selina the sky is now becoming the limit!
Thank you ChallengeAid, you have changed Selina’s life for good forever! 
If anyone feels inclined to contribute to Selina’s continued education, then please contact ChallengeAid