Challenge Leaders Wanted

We are always looking for young people and students who want to lead a challenge or even create a new one.

Could you be that person ?

It takes a special person

Do you want to get out of the rut and challenge yourself both physically and as a leader ? We need people who will not only embrace a physical challenge but also organise a team, large or small, to take on a challenge. It takes someone special to take on a challenge or create a new one, recruit a team, manage them in the run up and help them reach their fundraising target. Have you got what it takes?

Get out of your comfort zone ?

A challenge will take you out of the normal routine of life. It will put you into a whole new world of experiences where you will meet some amazing new people. It takes both personality and leadership ability to organise a challenge and motivate others.

Are you prepared to make a difference?

The challenge isn’t just about making it to the summit or finish line – it’s about raising crucial funds for ChallengeAid. You will be responsible for ensuring your team meet their fundraising targets. We want people who really care about making a difference to take this on whether it be creating educational opportunities for young people living in appalling slums with our Schools of Hope programme or even sponsoring a child.

Can you motivate and inspire others ?

You will need nitty gritty determination and drive to recruit a team and propel them forward to reach your end goal. You might well be faced with obstacles along the way. Do you have the enthusiasm and creativity to overcome them? We want to make sure nothing stands in the way of you and your team. We will help you help others.

Grasp at life, now – why wait ?

Are you the type of person who doesn’t let an opportunity pass you by? Here at ChallengeAid we strongly believe that school, university or even in work, life is about challenging yourself. The adventure experiences outside are just as valuable. If you are willing to take a risk and dare yourself to achieve things you never dreamt of doing, the Challenge Leader role might well be for you.