Sanitary Pad Programme

In July 2014 one challenge that took place was the London – Paris Ladies Cycle Ride  where twelve ladies cycled from London to Paris over three days.  As well as raising enough money for a new School of Hope they also raised enough to provide at least 500 girls in the slums of Nairobi with sanitary pads each month for the next year. Each girl will have access to the programme provided they attend the SoH regularly.  The provision and access to sanitary pads is an ongoing issue with girls which can seriously impede their attendance at school.  Since the introduction of the programme earlier in 2015, the number of girls attending SoH has dramatically increased.

Girls receiving their supply of sanitary pads from one of our Schools of Hope in the slums of Africa in November 2015.  This has hugely lessened the personal embarrassment and reduced the likelihood of social stigma that can enhance the confidence and well being of students.

A new School of Hope in the Aberdares, north of Nairobi, below. The sanitary pads are making a positive impact on the girls attendance. We had more boys attending the SoH but the figures are now 57% girls and 43% boys.