Bamburi SoH

July 16th, 2018

The SoH at Bamburi, in Mombasa, had to be moved from the church compound, which was put up for rent, to Bamburi Primary School less than a mile away.
The SoH is now accommodated in one of the classrooms but still continues to serve the same community.
The SoH committee is active and meets monthly, and the supervisors are keen.
The good news is that the number of pupils has risen in the last 3 months to 70 learners (31 girls and 39 boys). Cricket, football and table tennis are played regularly.
Muslims girls who have been shy to play football and cricket have now taken up table tennis especially as a well-wisher realising the problem donated table tennis equipment. 
A reading club takes place every Saturday and learners are actively reading and presenting book reports to their peers.