Multi-Terrain Obstacle Course

bt kltTough Mudder has 10 events during the year from London South West, South East, Scotland and Ireland, Yorkshire and the Midlands.

A mind-bending combination of large grassy hills, dense dark forest and quicksand-like mud means that you’ll be more worried about taking your next step than the view. Book as either an individual or a team.

As an example the date for the South West event is 20th – 21st August and Yorkshire 6th – 7th August and costs £79 on the Saturday and £69 on the Sunday.

Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile obstacle course designed to test all-around strength, stamina and teamwork.  For more information

Another company based in Wales is Invncbl.  A single place is £43 and a team of 10 would cost £372.  For more information follow this link

A third company is Mud Runner and whichever you choose to go with we hope you will raise some money for ChallengeAid.

All participants are asked to raise a minimum of £250 which includes your entry fee.

None of the monies raised during any of our challenges are used for administrative purposes.