Over the last ten years Global Adventures have worked hard to meet the ever increasing demand for interesting and varied European Rides Any of these challenges can be facilitated in house with ChallengeAid or book with Global Adventures direct.

As the Tour de France is starting one week later in this year, we wanted to act and revise the dates of the challenges above to make sure that each of our participants have an opportunity to see the finale of the world’s greatest cycling race.

 With this being the case the new challenge dates are below:-

 London to Paris Bike Ride – Tour de France Edition

25 July 2018 – 29 July 2018 – This spectacular event combines our established London to Paris Bike Ride and the Tour De France finale!

Paris to Geneva Cycle

29 July 2018 – 3 August 2018

 London to Geneva Cycle

25 July 2018 – 3 August 2018


London to Paris Tour De France – See the final stage of the Tour de France by cycling the iconic 300 miles from London to Paris. For more information on why we think our challenge is the bees’ knees

London to Paris Bike Ride – Multiple departures in 2018 – The classic event that never gets old, will be taking place on dates across 2018 including an August departure for any supporters in the education sector!

Paris to Geneva – One for the more experienced cyclist who has perhaps taken part in a London to Paris event in the past and is up for a new challenge.  Paris to Geneva will take place in July so your participants can see the final stage of the Tour de France before taking on the beautiful ride through France and Switzerland.

London to Geneva – The toughest European Ride we offer combining the two events above to create a 600+ mile behemoth.  It’s a real challenge, as hard as they come, which in turn should result in your supporter smashing their fundraising target.

Euro City – Fantastic ride which will see your supporters cycle through three capital cities over a 300miles over 4 days of cycling.  Finishing at the Brussels Beer Festival, this challenge has no shortage of marketing hooks to enthuse your supporters.

Milan to Monaco – A very unique cycling challenge taking in stunning Alpine passes on our way from the fashion capital of Europe to the French Riviera.  What is not to like?

 If you follow this link

you can access brochures for all of the challenges plus the above along with our costs and dates for 2018.