I am sure a large majority of us would like to sky dive or a least have it on our ‘bucket list’.

What about a sky dive this year and raise money for ChallengeAid?  There may be other places where you can sky dive but UK Skydiving Adventures have 21 approved centres to choose from in the UK so there will be a skydiving school located fairly close to you.  For more information and to book follow the link:

For those of you in Wales who would like to book directly follow the link to Skydive Swansea at   At the moment you are unable to book online though you can request the full pack to be emailed and/or posted to you.  There is a £40 deposit which comes off the final balance of the jump.  The website will be updated later in the year to allow online bookings.

12,000 feet tandem skydive £230 per person

Raise a minimum of £170 for ChallengeAid to help create more “Schools of Hope”.

If you aren’t so sure about jumping out of a plane why not try out the new sport of Indoor Skydiving at one of Britain’s Indoor Vertical Skydiving Wind Tunnels in Basingstoke, Milton Keynes or Manchester

One package for a single lesson is:

This experience which lasts about an hour includes a 30 minute briefing and 2 flights in the tunnel where you will receive 1 on 1 tuition from your instructor. The total flight time amounts to 2 minutes.           Price £49.99         Raise a minimum of £50 for ChallengeAid.