Towy Valley Challenge

The Towy Valley Challenge is a run of 46 miles which starts at Llyn Brianne Dam, north of Rhandirmwyn and the source of the River Towy.TVC





The challengers will start off from the Dam at 6.30am with the aim of covering the distance through Rhandirmwyn, Llandovery, Llangadog, Bethlehem, Ffairfach, Llanarthne, Llangunnor, Pensarn, Cwmffrwd and finally finishing at the Ferryside boathouse.


Chris Williams (2012): We woke to a dry morning with some sunshine at 5am. Thirty minutes later we were on our way up to Llyn Brianne dam full of the anticipation of a 46 mile run ahead. After arriving at the dam we took in the beautiful views. I had never visited the dam before and I hadn’t realised how special the views were. After taking some photos and checking our kit we started the run at 6.10am. The first 12 miles were downhill and was a very nice track. There was no traffic and the weather remained dry. It took us 2 hours to run the 12 miles and when we arrived at the West End Café in Llandovery we still felt fairly fresh. We walked into the cafe and we were greeted by two plates of beans on toast which we really enjoyed.
My legs were beginning to ache at this point and I could feel them stiffening up as we sat there. 10 minutes later we were off again but this time at a slightly slower pace than before. The next 5 miles took us to Llangadog, this road felt particularly long. There were a few cars on the road by this early time in the morning and then the boredom of the long distance runner began to seep in. We were unable to talk to each other being so out of breath by this time. To distract us from the tedium of the task we turned to our iPods.
Jedd Evans was faring better than I at this point! I decided that I would try my best to complete the marathon distance of 26 miles only 3 miles from our current position. Three Mars bars and 45 minutes later I was off ready to carry on again. At this point both my legs had cramped up and I could hardly move them but I was determined to continue for at least for a few more miles. At 33 miles I hit another wall but this time I was unable to get past it as my legs seized. Overall I think that it was a valuable experience.  Although painful, I guess that I really enjoyed the experience and some of the views that I was able to see that day were amazing. My thanks must go out to Mr Thomas for organising the event and being with us every step of the way with water and supplies. I know that with some training I can complete the full 46 miles next year.

Gareth Wintle