Try-a-Tri – 2017

You can swim, cycle and run but have you ever tried all three in one day?  This is a new event that ChallengeAid are hoping to get people involved in this year.

There are many Triathlon centres around the country and we can help you to identify the ones that are nearest to you but the London Triathlon is one that will be taking place on 6th – 7th August.

There are 4 distances available; the table gives a breakdown of each distance.



                                                       Swim                 Cycle               Run

Super sprint                                     400m                  10km               2.5km

Sprint/sprint team                            750m                   20km                5km

Olympic/Olympic team                    1500m                 40km               10km

Olympic plus                                   1500m                80km               10km

Youth Elite                                      400m                  10km                2.5km

Junior Elite                                     750m                    20km                5km

Adult                                              1500m                  40km               10km

You can enter as an individual in any of the 4 distances or as part of a Team Relay in the Sprint and Olympic distance categories.  With a variety of distances available, there’s something for everyone.  To make a booking for the London Triathlon click on this link:

A minimum sponsorship target of £250 to contribute to our School of Hope programme in the slums of Nairobi.

None of the monies raised during any of our challenges are used for administrative purposes.