Outstanding Exam Success

December 15th, 2017

The Tanzanian end of Primary School level exam results have been released. 
Two of our four Schools of Hope in Arusha have just informed us today of their scores.
Salei: The pupils excelled compared to last year.
Grade A – 2 learners; Grade B – 99; Grade C – 74 and 7 pupils failed the exam and were not graded. Last year the school was positioned 52 out of 68 and this year it is positioned at 29 out of 68. This year 96% of the pupils have passed their exams and have qualified to join secondary school. 
Burka: The following results were achieved: Grade A – 1; Grade B – 76; Grade C – 86; Grade D – 3. No pupil failed the exam. The School was eighth out of 68 schools. 100% transition to secondary school will be achieved. 
16 pupils from Burka have received admission to the prestigious St. Jude where last year only 3 pupils from the school received sponsorship to study at St. Jude. 
A joint statement from both Head teachers says “ These results would not have been achieved without having a SoH on the premises”.