Bissil School of Hope

Bissil School of Hope is doing really well.









At the beginning of March 2017 Sophia of ChallengeAid Africa in conjunction with our partners the Goodall Foundation met the community leaders at Bissil which is a small township of 30,000 people which is between Nairobi and Namanga on the Tanzanian border.

A SoH committee has already been created and includes Community, Church and School leaders with some other teachers.

The Church there also runs a rescue centre for girls that are threatened with Female Genital Mutilation and child marriage and they will be the immediate beneficiaries of the SoH. There is an excellent room available which can take 50+ learners.

The Church compound is large enough for sports and there is a sanitation block available within the compound.

We have also agreed to install a water tank for collecting roof water for use by the learners as there are frequent droughts in the area.

Pics are of our new SoH