Cricket Project, Nairobi

November 2017

At a weekend in November there was an inter school sports competition between Gitathuru and Moshimoni School of Hope.There was girls volleyball and under 14’s boys cricket.
The students were really delighted to be outdoors and playing sports after the children had to lock themselves indoors to avoid the post election violence in and around Nairobi.
Many of the youths from the Mathare district have been injured and the SoH’s have insisted that learners must stay in their homes.
Pics of the cricket  and plenty of spectators.








December 2016 (Update)

Cricket kits and coaching courses were provided in late 2015 and subsequently cricket began in the informal slum settlements.

In August seven teams of boys and girls from seven of our SoH’s based with CUM held a cricket tournament at Ayani Primary School in Kibera where 200 young people participated or spectated. It was a great success and the momentum with cricket is definitely growing thanks to our partnership with Kenya Cricket. The Tumaini SoH in Gituamba took the honours on the day. Two representatives from East African Cricket officiated the games in a most professional manner and encouraged the children to learn the game.

This was followed by another tournament was held in Mathare on 11th November, 2016 during the Mathare Sports Festival where more teams from the Mathare Schools of Hope cluster attended with their teams. The quality of the games was very good and it is hoped that some of the players that showed potential will get a chance to advance their game and begin to play at a higher level.

As a consequence of this Tournament, one girl has already been selected as part of the Kenyan U14 squad.

Due to the success of the tournaments and the take up of cricket by the SoH pupils the East African Cricket Federation has now also offered further coaching for 8 SoH supervisors who undertook the “Lets Play Cricket Basic Coaching” course last year and has also offered to re-run the basic level course again for those new Supervisors who may have missed the course last year and for the Supervisors of the new SoH’s.


ChallengeAid, through the Schools of Hope programme that it organises in Kenya, looks at setting up grassroots cricket in the slums of Nairobi. This will follow along the same lines as we have already implemented with Rugby.
We will invite our SoH  supervisors or any potential coach in each community (16 at the moment but shortly to become 20) to take the initial coaching award as per Kenya Cricket standards.
We will furnish each SoH with basic cricket equipment so that each community can play a basic game.

With a grant from the Tom Maynard Trust this was achieved.

October 2015 

Congratulations to the 32 supervisors from our Schools of Hope in Nairobi who have just finished a two day training course run by the Foundation for Youth Cricket in Kenya this week. Every SoH will be receiving a cricket set and we now hope to see cricket becoming a recognised sport & leisure activity in the slum areas for SoH students.

DSC_7447 DSC_7459 DSC_7467 DSC_7470






The supervisors were generally excited about the training. 100% of them were beginners and believe that it something they can introduce in the SoH.  They were impressed by the trainers/coaches, who were very friendly in their approach.  The supervisors however, observed that they still require further engagements/coaching with the coaches, probably at the hubs.  In general we believe that this is a good opening for exposure and further engagement in cricket for the good of the children in our SoH.

We were informed that the trainers were very patient, and even set aside those coming late and trained them separately.  The trainees felt that they would need to watch a real cricket game in session to feel more comfortable with the game.  There were training manuals provided; the manuals were said to be useful for guiding the new coaches.  It was agreed that the trainees could attend to watch on any Saturday a live cricket game at the club.


November 2015

A few more photos of children with a couple of Supervisors from our Schools of Hope in Nairobi who have just finished a two day training course run by the Foundation for Youth Cricket in Kenya this week. Each SoH that attended will soon receive a cricket set with 12 extra balls.  They are now teaching the children how to play.

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December 2015

While Iestyn was in Nairobi last week he went to one of our new Schools of Hope in Bondeni in the Aberdares:-
Basic cricket coaching and explanations


IMG_0576 IMG_0580








These five are already busy motivating their friends to join their 7-a-side touch team for a tournament at the end of the month !
Cricket has become surprisingly popular despite a lack of real space. You can see in the foreground they are cultivating the hard clay to try to create a grassed area.