Kilifi in Kenya

Moving the Goalposts – Kilifi , Kenya
ChallengeAid (was ScfC) is delighted to be working in partnership with IDS

Kilifi is one of the least developed districts in Kenya ,East Africa,with 66% of the population living in poverty. The situation of girls and women in Kilifi is exacerbated by unequal gender relations which are amongst the worst in Kenya. Female adult literacy is only 38%, compared to 67% for men. Girls are disadvantaged from the outset by lower enrolment rates for education, higher drop-out rates, early child-bearing and limited access to economic opportunities.

Moving the Goalposts Kilifi set up a pilot sports and development programme for girls in Kilifi district, Kenya in 2001. Its core value is the participation of girls in decision making and management of programmes.

Around 8% of people in Kilifi are infected by HIV/AIDS and infections in Kenya are growing fastest amongst teenage girls. Poor young women are highly vulnerable to men offering money in exchange for unprotected sex and can be at risk of gender-based violence. Gender norms and stereotypes about girls and women compound the situation further by constraining girls’ self-belief and limiting their contributions to the development of their households and communities.

The project aims to use football to help over 3,000 underprivileged girls and young women to become peer and community leaders, to develop their life skills, to educate them about their reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and their rights and to empower them economically. Girls are actively involved in all aspects of the decision making and management of programmes. The target figure of 3,000 beneficiaries was exceeded considerably with 4476 girls benefiting from the programme of activities in 2007.