Neema School, Nairobi

Neema School is a nursery and primary school situated in Gatwikera village, in the heart of Nairobi’s Kibera slum. Kibera has a population of approximately 700,000; around forty per cent are under sixteen.

Neema, like all schools in Kibera, is an informal school and does not receive the government support available to government schools outside the slum.

The school is constructed from iron sheet and its densely packed classrooms provide schooling to three hundred and thirty children. One hundred and twenty-eight of these are in the nursery section while the rest are primary-aged students.

Schools inside the informal settlements are often starved of basic resources, including trained teachers and teaching material. The grant from ChallengeAid will enable Neema School to buy materials and text books, which the children can use in order to prepare for government exams.