Pamoja Trust – Mathare & Muthaiga

The Pamoja Trust aligns leadership groups in villages that exist within the urban slums of Nairobi and Kenya so that they become federated and speak as one representative voice for the slum dwellers of the slums of Kenya.  This group is known as Muungano.  This is particularly important as the slums are known as “informal settlements” and as such are not liable for any Government infrastructure such as sanitation, medical care, law enforcement, education etc.

Devolved local governments were put in place after the March 2013 elections; there was little understanding on what these governments were expected to deliver or how they could actually do it.

The Muungano Wa Wanavijiji (MWW) movement has taken up the role of holding the new county government’s accountable.

Pamoja had carried out civic awareness among MWW members on what to expect from county governments.  This knowledge became very useful as the counties developed their plans;  MWW mobilized the people to attend the meetings and speak in one voice.  The priorities that the communities were pushing for were inclusion in county budgets that the central government had always ignored.

These priorities included:-

clean affordable water

quality education (more teachers and books)

health (medicines in health centres).

Most counties have now allocated some level of funding to these priorities but these have remained low and more advocacy work is needed for devolved resources to benefit the poor communities.


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