Rugby Project, Nairobi

September 2013

We are currently supporting 12 ‘Schools of Hope’ which are allowing approximately 600 young people on a nightly basis to achieve secondary education which would otherwise be unavailable to them.  We will also be training up young leaders in the slums as qualified rugby and cricket coaches so that the ‘Schools of Hope’ can have more structured sports sessions.


June 2014

The training of supervisors as coaches is taking place in a number of sports such as rugby, cricket, football and netball to a national qualification level.  This training is in process and it is evident that the young people are benefitting.  Equipment becomes very worn very easily through usage and the condition of the terrain  and should therefore be replaced more  often whenever possible.

More training took place last week with some of the Supervisors from the SoH returning to the Kenyan Rugby Union to upgrade their coaching knowledge. Next month there will be a rugby Tournament taking place with all the SoH entering teams for a Festival organised by Kenyan Rugby.



April 2015

A real first !

Schools of Hope rugby tournament which took place at the end of April.  Great effort by the boys and girls, their coaches, Pamoja Trust & the Kenyan Rugby Union to put together this first ever tournament which took place in Mathare. Off the back of this tournament a Mathare team has been invited to enter a National Tournament next week.

Pic 1 Boys rugby                  Pic 2 Girls rugby competition                   Pic 3 This is the only space available in the slum area.

Young rugby team with PT Employee

Female rugby competitionthe rugby field






May 2015

Nairobi news; On 30th May the Mathare winners in the Kosovo rugby tournament were selected into two teams; under 12 yrs mixed and under 14 yrs boys to play against the Shamas foundation at the home of the Kenyan rugby grounds.

Pic 1 Kiamutisya under 16’s with coach Helen who is also one of our Schools of Hope Supervisor’s.  Pic 2 Mathare Under 12 & 14 preparing for the game with their coach.  Pic 3  Under 14’s game.

Kia u16 coach Helen


Mathare U12 & U14 prep for game

U14 during game


2nd October 2015

When Wales took on Fiji in the Rugby World Cup fans of GEORGE NORTH were cheering him on from a School of Hope in Nairobi.
Please follow the Telegraph newspaper link for more information:-…/george-north-school-of-hope-in…




3rd May 2016 – Get Into Rugby Training at Kenya Rugby Union

The course was to introduce potential coaches to rugby.

13 coaches attended the half a day training which was facilitated by an educator from Kenya Rugby Union. The coaches were from: Madoya, Kosovo, Majengo, Kia-Mutisya and Gitathuru.  Njagwani, Mashimoni and Kambi Moto (donated their slots to Madoya as they already had trained coaches) did not send participants.  The half day training exposed participants to the basics of rugby, how to coach and encourage children to love rugby. This was done in a seminar set up.

Agreed Action: The newly trained coaches will form teams and start training sessions at least once a week; KRU educators will visit each of the team in a month’s time to assess training needs of the coaches; a second training will be carried out in mid June; SOH Rugby teams will have inter school competitions; a tournament bringing together all teams will be held in August.

Evaluation of the Training (received through informal interviews): The training had created interest in rugby, the game seemed more attractive and was demystified; trainees had acquired skills for getting children interested in the game and to handle the ball, and they also felt they understood the basic rules. Trainees who had not encountered the game felt they needed more training especially practical sessions in order to feel confident to coach.