“Sponsor a Child” Programme



Children in the informal slum settlements of Nairobi come into the world in very unsanitary conditions, with little stimulation or nurturing in their first years of life.

For £180 per year (49p per day) you can bring hope to a young child with food twice a day, a uniform, medical care for not only the child but also for the immediate family and just as important, a quality education with qualified teachers and supervisors.

You can contact the child you sponsor with a birthday card or letter.

You will receive information from the child once a year with a drawing and a piece of writing as well as an annual report of their progress.

It is not advisable to send gifts as this could distress other children if they are left out.  Small gifts for everyone is most acceptable.

We would hope you would sponsor a child at nursery and the early years in primary education; maybe five years.  When a child moves into the school system you will be contacted to see if you would like to sponsor another child.

If a child leaves nursery or primary education earlier, for whatever, reason we would also hope you would take on and sponsor another child even though it will be disappointing for you as we cannot guarantee to have contact with the child once he/she has moved into the school system or moved away from their village.

ChallengeAid is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and no personal details will be passed on to another party.

Please contact info@challengeaid.org is you have any problems or questions


If you wish to sponsor a child you can contact us at the office or email :-

We can then make appropriate arrangements to suit you by either:- Cheque/JustGiving/BACS/Standing Order