St Benedict’s School of Hope June 2019

We’d like to introduce you to  St Benedict’s School of Hope in Mathare slum settlement, Nairobi Kenya, where we are embarking on our newest School of Hope with help from our crowdfunding appeal which we started on June 10th 2019.…/st-benedicts-school-of-hope…/

Mathare Slum is one of the oldest situated three miles east of Nairobi city’s central business district, it is home to over 700,000 people occupying an area of two miles long by one mile wide.

Apart from having no access to basic amenities like clean water, food, clothing, shelter and healthcare, the residents also suffer the misfortune of having no roads that can allow for any emergency services. The makeshift housing structures are either made out of mud or metal.

The School of Hope will provide a much needed after school and weekend study club for 70+ young people who will benefit from supervised study, music and sports workshops as well as life skills classes. Ensuring that they at least have access to educational opportunities which in time , we hope, will help them come out of the vicious cycle poverty.

Planning a School of Hope takes time, often long before we are able to raise any money for one a local community will usually approach us asking for support, we then meet with them and discuss the criteria of setting up a School of Hope.

The building that will be used for a SoH must be situated in the heart of each community within the informal slum settlement and be based in a rent and charge-free space. We insist that it must have space for a library with a secure, lockable bookcase for the books, a toilet facility on hand, have a water point or access to water and have at least two trusted volunteer supervisors who are happy to take charge for evening, weekend and holiday sessions.

These pictures are from St Benedict’s School of Hope, the committee have been meeting and have the space ready. We just need to do some fundraising now! So far we have raised £2976  so just about half way. St Benedict’s School of Hope will be unique as it is our first SoH that will work specifically with young children that were once street children, many of which are now living with fosters families in the St Benedict’s locality.

St Benedict’s , Mathare

Inside St Benedict’s School of Hope- ready to be organised !

St Benedict’s School of Hope initial committee meeting- time to start planning!