ACK St Prisca Children’s Programme, Nairobi

With a population of 200,000, thirty per cent of whom are infected with HIV, the slum community of Korogocho, East Nairobi, is home to some of Kenya’s most disadvantaged children. The majority live in makeshift housing and do not attend school. Malnutrition and a lack of access to medical care are common.

ChallengeAid (SoH) are financing an education, nutrition and medical programme for 80 AIDS orphans and children made vulnerable by AIDS in Korogocho. The grant will provide much-needed school uniforms, text and exercise books for all the children and teaching and reference materials for a local pre-school. A daily hot meal and medical support will also be made available for the next twelve months. St Prisca Church Parish Council and Korogocho community development committee will manage the project.

SoH visited Korogocho, which means ‘collection of rubbish’ in the local Kikuyu language, last year. Iestyn Thomas, Founder and CEO, comments: “I was overwhelmed by the conditions the children live in. UK schoolchildren are passionate about making a difference and, through this donation, we hope that we will begin to build a more hopeful future for the children of Korogocho.