Young People’s Mentorship Programme Nairobi June 2019

Mentorship Program for High School Students Residing in Slum settlements in Nairobi


More than half of the population in Nairobi lives in informal settlements, in dire living conditions. Unfortunately, in slums, the general state of education is low, with limited resources available for public schools and students. Pupils also struggle with space to do their homework after class, lack role models and have low aspirations.

While providing a safe space for students to study is key, we believe that it is also very important to guide students to build their self-confidence and prepare them for their future development. Through a mentorship program, we aim to connect students from informal settlements in Nairobi to established professionals. For the students , they are able to access professionals as mentors who can share their experience, provide career information, counseling and motivation. The mentors will help the youngsters to improve their communication skills, their confidence and self belief. For the mentor, it is also an opportunity to discover another side of the city and participate in shaping a successful future for youths who have been disadvantaged by poverty.

The mentorship program will work together with the Schools of Hope (SOH) created by ChallengeAid, linking learners from the SOH to established professionals. 

Our Objectives:

  • To provide role models to aspirational youths living in slums.
  • To provide opportunities for successful professionals to support high school learners from the slums of Nairobi;
  • To offer life skills development, career guidance and job shadowing opportunities to high school learners from the slums;


We held a training day recently with mentors, mentees and current SoH supervisors at The Centre for Urban Mission in Nairobi, where we spent time team building and having fun as well as the more serious side of  mentoring and safeguarding. Participants also took part in a tree planting ceremony to mark the start of the project, we look forward to watching the trees and the students blossom over the coming months. 

Mentors participating in Safeguarding training

The mentors and mentees

Tree Planting Ceremony- mentors and students each plant a tree together

Volunteer SoH supervisors