Sanitary Pads for the SoH’s in Arusha

February 12th, 2018

Very happy students from Kirayni School of Hope in Arusha, Tanzania receiving a supply of sanitary pads on Tuesday.

ChallengeAid wants to continue providing sanitary pads for 1000 girls attending our Schools of Hope (SoH) programme.
This will allow each girl at least 2 packs per month for the next 12 months. This has already had a hugely positive effect on both the numbers of girls attending our SoH’s and the fact that they are now not missing any schooling each month due to a lack of sanitary pads. The improved results are incredible. We want to secure this funding for at least another year. This amounts to just over 20p twice a month for the next 12 months or £5 a year.

So far we have raised £2,789. Our target is to raise £5000 !

Please give generously here through JustGiving below…/challengeaid/sanitary-pads
or text PADS16£5 to 70070
to make a donation of £5.00
to supply one girl for a whole year
or any other amount that you wish to donate.