The Story of Graig Omondi

August 24th, 2018

Below is the story we received from Madoya SoH about the boy that has been admitted to a National School.

Graig Mbowo Omondi is 14 years, he studied at Moi Forces Academy, a government sponsored school that is close to Huruma slums. Graig has been a member of the Madoya SoH for two and a half years, and was a consistent participant. The SoH provided him with the textbooks that he needed and a well lit room where he could study with others.

Graig attained 393 marks out of a possible 500 and was among the best performers in Mathare Constituency; even though Graig did not acquire the mandatory (for joining a National School) 400 marks, he secured a place at the prestigious Maranda High School. The Ministry of Education recognized that he (and other children living in the slums) had studied under difficult circumstances and lowered the criteria for them.

Graig’s father Mr. Chrispine Omondi roast and sells corn on Juja road; while his Mother is a casual labourer, mostly washing clothes for wealthier households. Graig’s family has four other children who are all younger than him.
Graig is at risk of not joining a National School due to lack of fees. National schools are better equipped than ordinary schools and target children who are talented academically. This fee is subsidised by the government but is still much higher than most families could afford but was collected by the Community and subsidised by ChallengeAid.

Part of a letter from Graig to ChallengeAid:-
“I am writing this letter to say thank you to you and your organisation for paying my second term school fees. I do appreciate your help. Without your help I don’t think I would be heading to school this early for my second term.”