ChallengeAid, formerly known as Schoolchildren for Children, is a registered charity, established in 2005 to help children living in some of Africa’s worst slums .
ChallengeAid promotes health and fitness throughout the UK by motivating schools, universities, corporate groups and individuals to undertake physical challenges and raise money through sponsored activity and exercise.Our pledge is that none of the money raised from any of these challenges or sponsored exercise is used for administrative purposes.

Our aim is to create Schools of Hope to provide extra opportunity for aspirational young slum dwellers who can use the SoH as a homework club in the evenings, weekends & holidays especially if they cannot attend school during the day due to family or work commitments.

These centres offer both an alternative & complementary form of schooling as well as a unique long-term sustainable solution for the provision of extra educational opportunity.

We believe that we are one of the very few charities that is able to respond to some of Africa’s on-going issues without creating a culture of dependency or bringing knee-jerk reactions to the latest crises.

Through our work, we enable some of the poorest people in Africa to escape a lifetime of poverty.

Most of our challenges are organised in-house so our costs are far less than those organised by for-profit companies for other charities.

There are now thirty-eight Schools of Hope (SoH) in Nairobi, Kenya and more recently in Arusha, Tanzania.

Last year ChallengeAid was involved in the education of 1,800 + young people from the ages of 10 – 18. 

One of the key metrics for the programme is how many students succeed in accessing university.

In 2016 over 40% of Form 4 students went on to University & higher education from our 17 longest established SoH.


More recently ChallengeAid has been facilitating and organising thousands of adults who have been undertaking a wide variety of Challenges and various fund raising events.

What are 'Schools of Hope'?
What are 'Schools of Hope'?
Our Schools of Hope operate after school hours, giving children educational support by providing desks, chairs ...
How do I get involved?
How do I get involved?
If you are a school, a University, a Corporate or an individual hoping to undertake an Open Challenge
Donations - Start fundraising today
Donations - Start fundraising today
You can make a real difference by supporting the work of Schoolchildren for Children. We want to make supporting our work tax-effective, cost-effective, and convenient.
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"By engaging in challenges to raise money and fund the 'Schools of Hope' in the most deprived areas of Africa, ...

George North, Welsh International Rugby Player

Projects such as yours are of great importance in the drive to encourage young people to get active and combat ...

Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

This is an excellent initiative and one that I fully support. Not only will it encourage pupils to exercise and ...

Andrew Adonis, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Schools
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