Last year in 2021 someone took a photograph of a child trying to learn under a street lamp in Africa.
It was taken in an area of Kenya where there was no School of Hope. In many ways this scene encapsulates exactly why ChallengeAid does what it does in creating Schools of Hope to enable aspiring young pupils to be able to achieve through education and escape from their life of poverty.
The photograph was seen by an artist and etcher Eurfryn Lewis, who decided that he wanted to get involved with ChallengeAid and set about representing that photograph as an oil painting and an etching.
We created a limited edition of 100 prints of the painting and 10 prints of the etching some of which were auctioned at some of our marquee events. Some of the signed prints of the painting are still available at £75 and the 10 copies of the etching at £125 all signed by founder Iestyn Thomas with this words "This is why ChallengeAid does what it does".
If you wish to order one then please email us at

About our foundation

Get fit for a purpose

Get fit for a purpose helps promotes schools, companies and individuals to help make a difference by fundraising in their local are to help make an impact on the lives of others

Schools of Hope

Our Schools of Hope operate after school hours, giving children educational support by providing desks, chairs, lighting and most importantly a good supply of up-to-date text books with responsible supervision in a safe and conducive learning environment.

How does your money help?

£10 - Pays for a child's education for a year

£200 - Creates a water point

£1000 - Sustains a School of Hope for a year

£1500 - Creates a library full of books

£6000 - Set up a new School of Hope

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Why do we do what we do?

Because we want to give aspirational boys and girls living in slum settlements in Africa the opportunity, through education, to become the citizens and leaders of tomorrow and not to be enslaved by poverty for the rest of their lives