Our Impact

Empowering Lives, Transforming Futures: Our Impact in Action

Led by the team on the ground ChallengeAid Africa transforms lives in Kenya and Tanzania’s slums with 51 Schools of Hope and 10 Virtual Learning Centres. Our holistic approach combines transformative education, mentorship and community initiatives, empowering over 5000 students daily. We provide low-cost, sustainable education, menstrual health support and sports, fostering resilience and unlocking potential for a brighter future.

As of 2024…


Schools of Hope have been set up


pupils have been educated


higher grades in SoHs compared to pupils in nearest government schools

Schools of hope

What are Schools of Hope?

A cross between a homework club, a youth club and a library, operating in the evenings, at weekends and during school holidays. Children in the slums often work during the day to help support their families and our schools provide an alternative education for aspirational kids who may have no other access to education. We also provide a complimentary education for those in regular schooling, all for less than £10 (2,000 KSh.) per child, per year.

Chess Mtaani ChallengeAid Africa

Help make a difference

The average cost of educating a ChallengeAid pupil in our Schools of Hope is less than 3p per day, or £10 for a whole year.

How we help

Sanitary Pad Programme

Our complimentary sanitary pads programme has now been running successfully for over 12 years.

According to Kenya’s Ministry of Education, girls lose on average four school days every month due to a lack of access to sanitary products. Girls attending SoH receive free sanitary towels each month to stop this unnecessary impact on their education.

Boys Take Responsibility Club

Boys growing up in slums often face a range of challenges including limited educational opportunities, becoming involved in violence, substance abuse, health issues and limited employment issues. Our ‘Taking Responsibility’ club provides a safe environment to discuss the issues that they face and ways that these issues can be tackled.

Sanitation Project

We have renovated many of the SoH latrines and sanitation in our SoH communities through Welsh Government funding.

Girls Can Club

‘Girls Can’ is an initiative set up by our ChallengeAid Africa team as a way for our female learners to meet in a safe space to discuss issues affecting them. Topics such as menstruation, gender-based violence, stereotyping and self-confidence are covered, topics which may often be seen as taboo to discuss within their families.

Extracurricular Activities

All Schools of Hope provide music, drama, art, chess, debating and sports sessions including rugby, football, netball, volleyball and cricket.

Women’s Empowerment Programme

This programme aims to support women and girls gain voice by acquiring literacy and numeracy skills. 

Online Learning

One of the unintended benefits of Covid was the introduction of virtual learning and half of our students receiving daily online lessons in science, maths and English have qualified for university. Many of our students are now returning to our SoHs to work as volunteer supervisors.

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