ChallengeAid Africa

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Schools of Hope

ChallengeAid creates Schools of Hope (SoH) in some of East Africa’s largest and worst hit slums especially in Nairobi. A SoH caters for aspirational young children who strive to escape from the poverty in which they are trapped, and is a cross between a homework club, a library, and a youth club, but facilitates learning as its’ focus. We are currently facilitating 45 SoH’s catering for 4,500 aspirational young students with each SoH encouraged to achieve self-sustainability. One such example at the moment is the making of soap, which the SoH then sells into their communities at a profit. Self-sustainability is always our ultimate goal. Currently the cost per pupil to attend a SoH for a year is £8 per child which works out at just over 0.02p per day!
ChallengeAid helps to provide skills and confidence for young students who need to escape poverty, with a thorough life-skills programme and an emphasis on self-empowerment for girls. We also engage students with Music, Art, Drama & Dance, Sports, Debating & Chess.

Sanitary Pad Programme

Our complimentary sanitary pads programme has now been running successfully for over 12 years and our student population is 55%/45% in favour of girls, partly as a consequence of the programme which undoubtedly enables & facilitates education for girls & contributes to the empowerment of girls!