Education in a Suitcase

In partnership with the University of Iceland and Education In A Suitcase Charity; ChallengeAid Africa Trust (CAAT) supports students across five of our Schools of Hope to improve their performance in Mathematics through doing online Math drills on Tutorweb. This is done using tablets provided by the EIAS program. Through an initiative called “earn as you learn” when students put in time completing educational work via the EIAS online platform then they are rewarded with an online currency called ‘Smiley Coins’. Smiley Coins can then be converted to real money which the students can use to spend in local grocery stores or to exchange for stationary, educational books or even clothes. This initiative meant that students were able to buy food and support their families during the COVID-19 lockdown and continue to do so now.

How does EIAS help?

  • By providing portable learning resources it provides our students with access to up to date learning materials, in turn improving their attainment.
  • Gives students an opportunity to ‘earn as you learn’ rewarding them with things such as food and stationary through time spent learning via the platform
  • Motivates the students to learn through providing rewards for hours worked.
  • The students are able to help support their families with the food earnt through the platform.