Sanitary Pad Programme

Our successful complimentary sanitary pad programme has been in operation since 2012. The Ministry of Education in Kenya highlights that girls, on average, miss four school days monthly due to insufficient access to sanitary products. This hinders education, leading to increased absenteeism, disrupted academic progress, and elevated drop-out rates, impacting long-term educational attainment. Inadequate menstrual hygiene also adversely affects girls’ mental health, hindering effective engagement in the learning environment and perpetuating gender inequalities in education.

In response to these challenges, ChallengeAid initiated the ‘Girls Can Club’ under the leadership of ChallengeAid staff member, Fatuma. As a former School of Hope student, Fatuma recognised the barriers menstruation poses to girls’ education. The ‘Girls Can Club’ serves as a safe space for our girls to discuss topics ranging from the importance of education to recognising and addressing domestic violence, including all matters related to menstruation. This proactive solution provides an opportunity each month for the girls in our Schools of Hope to attend these meetings, where they receive free sanitary towels, effectively eliminating this unnecessary hindrance to their education.

With approximately 2000 students at our Schools of Hope benefiting from the ‘Girls Can Club,’ it has become a vital platform for discussing these issues and accessing free sanitary pads when needed.

For just £7, we can provide sanitary pads for one girl in our School of Hope for an entire year. Your support can make a significant impact on breaking down barriers to education and promoting the well-being of these girls.