Who’s going to tell them?
August 21, 2019

“My friends and I called our School of Hope the ‘safe spot’, where we could do our assignments on time, access books, and always receive help from the supervisors”

Fatuma, age 23 from Nairobi, first attended one of our Schools of Hope when she was 16.

Fatuma remembers: “The School of Hope kept us safe in the evenings; instead of indulging in bad activities such as drug abuse in the hood, we spent our time participating in life-skills sessions and activities such as dancing.”

“ChallengeAid sponsored me to go to St. Paul’s College to study Communications and Community Development. When I finished studying, I decided to return to ChallengeAid as a volunteer in the Mathare Schools of Hope. I speak to students about their experiences and motivate them to work as hard as they can. I love being a volunteer because it reminds me of my background, and I feel that I can really relate to the current students.”

“I have gained so much experience from the Schools of Hope, and I have met people from many walks of life who have strengthened my character, opened my eyes to the real world, and become my friends.”